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We Are The Friction is a book of illustration and short fiction created by 12 pairs of international writers and illustrators. It's the second book edited, designed and published by Sing Statistics, the collaborative concern of Jez Burrows and Lizzy Stewart.

The book paired writers with illustrators, both established and emerging in their disciplines. Each then produced new work inspired by the work of their partner: stories from illustrations, and illustrations from stories. The result is an erratic, eclectic collection of work that takes in space travel, Japanese deities, monster husbandry, and the Marx Brothers. We hope you'll like it.
"...nothing short of stunning..."
Read what's being said about We Are The Friction here.

We Are The Friction is a full colour, 136 page, perfect-bound book: 4-colour litho printed text throughout with a 2-colour screen printed cover. 24 short stories, 24 illustrations, the vast majority of them brand new.

Edition: 1000, hand-numbered
Dimensions: 127mm x 190.5mm

Text printed throughout on revive 50:50 Offset (a 50% recycled stock) by 21colour, Glasgow. Covers screen printed by Ashton Screen Print, also Glasgow.

Sing Statistics is the collaborative concern of designer Jez Burrows and illustrator Lizzy Stewart, that manifests itself mostly as a small independent press. We Are The Friction is their second publication. Their first, I Am The Friction (2008), was a super limited and hand-bound book of 10 short stories (Jez) and 10 illustrations (Lizzy) and is entirely sold out. Besides publishing they've also worked on artwork with a variety of bands/record labels.

Our Flickr has a wealth of images of We Are The Friction and its production, not to mention a handful of our other work.

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@jezburrows and @lizzystewart

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Frank Chimero is an illustrator, graphic designer and writer nestled firmly in the middle of the USA.

Charlie Duck graduated from the University of Brighton in 2007. He lives and works in London.

Ray Fenwick is an artist, illustrator and theatre school dropout living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Andrew Holder is an illustrator and designer from San Diego now living in the Los Angeles area.

Verity Keniger is a graphic illustrator and screenprinting machine. She has recently moved to Edinburgh.

Jon Klassen is a Canadian illustrator and perogie fan working in Los Angeles, working mostly in animation.

Micah Lidberg is currently illustrating, working and having a ball in Kansas City, Missouri.

Edward McGowan works as an illustrator/art director from his studio at Edinburgh's Owl & Lion Gallery.

Nigel Peake works from an attic on a quiet road on countless drawing projects. He also exhibits worldwide.

Pietari Posti is an illustrator originally from Helsinki, Finland, now living and working in Barcelona.

Lizzy Stewart is an illustrator originally from south Devon who has been living in Edinburgh for four years.

Nous Vous are designers and illustrators Jay Cover, Nicolas Burrows, William Edmonds and Thomas Hudson.

Dan Kennedy is a New York writer, author of 2 books and frequent contributor to McSweeney's dot net.

Carey Mercer is a Canadian songwriter with the bands Frog Eyes, Swan Lake and Blackout Beach.

Spencer Krug spends most of his creative energy writing and recording with Sunset Rubdown and Wolf Parade.

Mark Hamilton is a Canadian songwriter with Calgary-based super-group Woodpigeon.

Caren Beilin is a writer whose fiction has appeared in McSweeney's, The Lifted Brow and more.

Jez Burrows is designer and illustrator from south Devon, now living and working in Edinburgh.

Roxanne Paris is an American writer whose work has appeared in Read This Magazine and McSweeney's dot net.

Ben Greenman is an editor at The New Yorker and author of Superbad, Superworse and Please Step Back.

Chris Eaton is a Canadian writer, author of two books and lead songwriter with Rock Plaza Central.

Ryan Boudinot is the author of Misconception and short story collection The Littlest Hitler.

Sean Michaels lives in Montreal, Canada and is one third of mp3 blog Said The Gramophone.

Tao Lin is the author of the novella Shoplifting from American Apparel and four other books.

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