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"Dipping backwards and forwards in the book like this made the actual physical experience of reading more explicit, helped by the fact that this is a very satisfying book to hold in your hands. Nice production and satisfying paper texture, don't mock, it matters."
The Short Review, June 2010 - read full review

"Together, the twelve pairs of authors and illustrators pay homage to inspiration, and celebrate the collaborative nature of art. Readers have always been mindful of influence, the Biblical diction of Faulkner, or the Homeric echoes in Joyce, but rarely is the inspiration laid bare so clearly on the page. It creates an entirely new pleasure to study the illustrations firsthand and consider the visual sensibility informing the literary, and vice versa.."
Fiction Writers Review, December 2nd 2009 - read full review

"It's always good to see independent organisations (not just publishers) putting together one-off print projects: this kind of "outsider" experimentation can yield interesting results. From a more mainstream perspective, if you're a McSweeney's fan, We Are the Friction should go down very well with you."
The Fiction Desk, November 4th 2009

"This is a wonderful little book, beautifully designed and produced. Its sub-title is Illustration vs. Short Fiction, but what We Are The Friction actually shows to great effect is how the constraints of working with someone else's 'art' can in reality unleash twice the creativity."
Story, October 6th 2009 - full review

"More projects like this please. It utilizes an international cast of really talented people, all working in hand to both inspire each other and the reader with some genuinely considered and original creativity. What a simple and great idea. And it's available at a reasonable price to boot."
Changethethought, September 29th 2009

"If they are We Are The Friction then we are the impressed. The second book from independent publishers Sing Statistics is nothing short of stunning..."
It's Nice That, September 24th 2009

"...if it were a woman I would propose to it.
It is a perfect 10. A flawless victory."
BOOOOOOOM, September 10th 2009

"Aside from being filled with a fantastic bunch of art and literature it's also phenomenally well laid out and designed. Highly recommended? Indeed. "
Yewknee, August 31st 2009

"...a genuinely brilliant idea, extremely well executed..."
Grafik Magazine, September 2009 - Full article

"Remem­ber back in '93 when the Judg­ment Night sound­track paired up Sonic Youth with Cypress Hill and so forth. For a brief moment, that was just about the coolest thing around. I'm hav­ing that feel­ing once again."
Clifton Burt, August 13th 2009

"An example of 21st century publishing
with timeless aesthetics."
The List, August 2009 - Full article

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